Your business is impacted every day by the decisions your drivers make on the road, good and bad often in ways you can’t see. DriveSmart helps you develop safer drivers through a combination of risk assessment and education.

How does it work?

DriveSmart is a 12-month training programme that helps you get real insights into your drivers’ on-road behaviour and coach them towards safer driving habits. Using your GPS data, we analyse and interpret your fleet’s performance and your personal DriveSmart manager will help you address any at-risk behaviour.

What are the benefits?

  • Analyse and interpret vehicle GPS records for up to 20 trucks
  • Benchmark your business against industry best practices each quarter
  • Quarterly reviews and reports detail organisational driving habits and H&S risks
  • Regular insight and support to help you improve areas of concern

Who is eligible for DriveSmart?

Any organisation with NZI or Lumley Commercial Motor insurance can use DriveSmart. What’s more, as a customer of NZI or Lumley you could be eligible to take part in this programme at no additional cost to you.

How do I get started?

For more information, or to sign up for DriveSmart, contact our Fleet Risk Management Team today.

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This programme is a tool to help your business manage risk. It should not be relied on to satisfy compliance with any legal and other health and safety obligations.

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