Seeing Machines Guardian System detects driver fatigue and distraction in real time to help get your drivers home safely, prevent accidents and save lives.

How does it work?

This in-cab system uses face-tracking technology to monitor lapses in driver attention, distraction and micro-sleep events. When signs of distraction and fatigue are detected, Guardian uses alarms and seat vibrations to alert your drivers in real time. If further action is required, contact will be made with your dispatcher, so you can intervene. This tracking technology also provides audio and video footage of triggered events.

What are the benefits?

  • Detect signs of distraction or fatigue in your drivers
  • Real time intervention with in-cab alarms and seat vibrations
  • After each incident a 7-second video is sent to Seeing Machines 24/7 monitoring centre and contact will be made with your dispatcher if intervention is required

Who is eligible for Guardian?

Organisations with NZI or Lumley Commercial Motor insurance may be able to take part in a 6- week the trial of the Seeing Machines Guardian System. This includes the cost of technology installation and removal (if you choose not to keep the system) and 6 weeks of driver monitoring.

How do I get started?

For more information, or to register for a trial of the Seeing Machines Guardian System, contact our Fleet Risk Management Team today.

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This programme is a tool to help your business manage risk. It should not be relied on to satisfy compliance with any legal and other health and safety obligations.

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